Terms and conditions for agreement on virtual office / business address (VK) and c/o address (including customer return handling)

Terms and conditions for agreement on virtual office / business address (VK) and c/o address (including customer return handling)

Scanvisio AS (English edition)


The conditions apply between Scanvisio AS org.nr 999008577 (Scanvisio) and the company’s customer (the “customer”) as a supplement to Scanvisio’s Almindelige betingelser. The applicable conditions for virtual office, postal agreement and / or c/o address will at all times appear on Scanvisio’s web page and are subject to change without notice.

Power of attorney

Upon entering into the agreement, the customer authorizes all employees of Scanvisio to open mail and other shipments addressed to the customer.

Terms and conditions regarding virtual office/business address

When entering into this agreement Scanvisio will ensure that the customer’s (company’s) name is visible on the mailbox.

During the term of the agreement the customer has the right to use the address as the official business and visiting address.

Scanvisio may change address during the agreement period. Potential costs to the customer are covered by the customer themselves.

Terms and conditions regarding ℅ address and return handling in connection with web- and distance trading.

The c/o address service does notenable you to get the company’s name on the mailbox. A c/o address is strictly for postal use.

Scanvisio may change address during the agreement period. Potential costs to the customer are covered by the customer itself.

In the case of a separate agreement for handling of returned packages in Norway, any use of the address must be made in such a way that it is clear that the address is a postal address, and NOT a visiting address.

The customer’s own contact information (as a minimum e-mail and telephone) and business address must be clearly stated together with the return address on the website, marketing materials, webshop, etc.

Mail handling

Scanvisio handles the customer’s post on a regular schedule in accordance with the selected product. During holiday periods a significantly reduced frequency of handling must be expected.

Customer return packages, and mail which is in a larger format than what can be delivered in the mailbox, are not covered by the standard agreement. Handling of these are invoiced according to time spent and associated costs.
For products that include mail storage, the customer’s postal mail will be stored in a personal shelf unit.

Advertising (both addressed and unaddressed) are disposed of on arrival.


Scanvisio handles mail for a number of customers. Postal mail is stored in Scanvisio`s premises without further security precautions.
Under normal circumstances, Scanvisio`s premises are locked outside opening hours.
During opening hours, the premises will be open to visitors and other personnel.
Handling and storage is at the customer’s own risk.
During sorting and handling there is a risk of mail being sent to the wrong address. Therefore we advise you not to send confidential or valuable information to the address.

Scanvisio is not responsible and the customer can not make a claim for loss or damage to Scanvisio or a third party if the conditions described under “confidentiality” are met.
Any claim is covered in size and scope by the limitations of Scanvisio`s general terms and conditions.


Scanvisio treats all information confidentially in accordance with Scanvisio`s general terms and conditions.
In the event of information or material accidentally and incorrectly being received by a customer they are restricted by confidentiality and required to inform the responsible Scanvisio employee of the incident without delay. Further they must destroy all copies, both hard copies and digital.
In the event of gross negligence, the customer may be held liable for third parties direct and indirect losses.


Postal services are offered exclusively to companies (except sole proprietorship where the registered owner has a permanent residence in Norway) and organizations that have a valid business registration in Norway (in Brønnøysund Register Center) or are under a current establishment/registration process.

No address solution is to be made available to third parties. Without a valid agreement (including power of attorney), shipments are refused without notice.


The agreement applies from the moment the order confirmation is sent to the customer, and until written termination.
The agreement may be terminated for any reason by both parties with effect from the end of the payment period, with 3 months notice.

The validity of the termination is conditional on the customer having removed the address in public registers, in marketing material, from websites and the like before the end of the period.

Scanvisio is free to terminate the agreement without notice in the case of customer negligence.