We make your presence in Norway simpler – and the road to success shorter

You provide the products and/or services, we contribute with the market knowledge. Together we create a success story.
We offer advice and supply a number of services, whom many are especially adapted for small and medium-sized companies – at reasonable and transparent prices.
e.g. establishment of a Norwegian limited liability company from NOK 11 900,- (~ EUR 1038,-)

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Experience and loyal customers

Our market and industry experience is built upon a very broad and loyal customer group. The majority of our customer interactions develop into long-term relationships that last for years. In light of the fact that most companies that offer individual tasks in Norway have short customer relationships, we are proud to announce that close to 80% of all our customer relationships become long-lasting.

Our customer portfolio is divided into:
Construction companies are our largest customer group (approx. 30%). Next is production and trade (approx. 21%). Our third largest customer group is other services, which include but not limited to: Machine service, industrial assembly and maintenance (approx. 15%).
Other customer groups include: Technical advisers, consultant, staffing and personnel services, actors within textiles, packaging and analysis.

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