Screening Norway- Ready for the Norwegian market?

A typical scenario, a Danish business is looking to expand into new and profitable markets. Norway has historically been viewed as a small market. Norway has become a particular attractive market after the financial crisis hit Europe, because Norway was rather unscathed from the crisis.

Is this applicable for your business? – Let us assist you trough the establishment process. A screening in collaboration with Scanvisio can be a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the Norwegian market.

Purpose of screening

To determine whether your company is ready to enter the Norwegian market, discover which opportunities that are immediately present in the market and decide which alternatives to move forward with. Each process is customized in close collaboration with the customer.


Scanvisio prepares an agenda in collaboration with the customer which forms the scope for the meeting activity.

Option 1

A consultant visits the company for 1-2 days and meets with relevant decision makers in the company.

Option 2

Two consultants with different backgrounds e.g. market and legal visit the company for a day (possibly longer) and meet with relevant decision makers in the company.

Option 3

One or more decision-makers from the company come to Norway for a course that is adapted to the company’s wishes. In addition to meetings with representatives from Scanvisio, e.g. professional and / or cultural activities can be arranged.