Rent office space in close proximity to Oslo?

Rent office space in close proximity to Oslo?

Offices, showrooms etc. available for rent in close proximity to Oslo – with the possibility of renting storage space which is attached to a warehouse and distribution center.

Scanvisio AS makes entry and establishment in the Norwegian market easy and affordable.

Our facilities are located 7,5 km from Oslo’s municipal border, with an approximate 20 minute drive to the city center.
The amenities are well suited for showrooms for the B2B segment, e.g. building materials, furniture, interior, office furnishing, electronics etc.
The main building and the communal spaces were built in the 80’s, they are well taken care of and regularly maintained.
The office spaces have been renovated multiple times, most recently with a new tea kitchen.


  • Elevator
  • Ventilation
  • Parking space
  • White walls
  • Glass panes out toward hallway and communal spaces
  • Floors are in light linoleum and hardwood.
  • Integrated lighting
  • Possibility of fiber network
  • Direct bus connections into Oslo city center
  • 45 minute drive to Oslo airport