Market establishment and follow-up

Market establishment and follow-up
In a typical scenario a foreign company has decided to enter the Norwegian market.
The company now faces a wide range of challenges ranging from small practical tasks, finding suitable premises, recruiting local employees etc. to more complex issues concerning law, finance, tax, fees and employment relationships. .
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It has been decided to enter the Norwegian market – the strategy is carried out.
All planned activities are brought to life in close collaboration with the customer.
This phase varies from company to company depending on the method of establishment, e.g. through partnership, agency, own company or branch of foreign company.
Scanvisio offers the following services:

  • Representing the customer in Norway
  • Implementation of a market strategy
  • Assistance with finding partners and/or agents
  • Advice and assistance in regards to establishing the company
  • Assistance with finding suitable premises
  • Assistance with manager recruitment and the recruitment of local employees
  • Accounting services
  • Legal council
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • Visual communication

We have extensive experience with Norwegian conditions and the Norwegian market, and we can aid you in most matters.