Market analysis and strategy

Market analysis and strategy

A Danish company has discovered opportunities in the Norwegian market, where economic activity is high.
They have decided to enter the market and want a concrete plan for how to succeed.
Does this fit your business? – Then we can assist you throughout the process.
Scanvisio has experience with both analysis and strategy in the Norwegian market. Together we create a plan on how to move forward.


To clarify relevant conditions in the Norwegian market to provide an in-depth understanding of the market’s opportunities, legal conditions, risks, barriers, potential customers, potential partners and competitors.
Market / growth strategy is determined with the aim of being a road map for future activities.

Each process is adapted to the customer in accordance with their individual needs through close collaboration.


Scanvisio prepares a draft of the analysis and strategy process in close collaboration with the customer. A project plan is prepared with a clear indication of which activities are to be achieved and at what time they are planned to be completed.
Typically, milestones are set with partial reporting to the customer.
Continuous adjustments will be possible.
The scope and composition of the project can vary greatly in various situations.
It should be noted that in these types of projects there are often several options for applying for public aid.