Customer returns management in Norway

Customer returns management in Norway

Flexibility and service

Scanvisio offers a simple solution to the customer returns logistic problem with operating a webshop in the Norwegian market.
We have extensive experience with handling a wide range of goods, as our existing customers deliver a variety of services/products, such as magazines, textiles, cosmetics and building materials.

Custom routine

We offer a service, tailored to your needs. We take into account any need/wishes you may have to the handling of returns. By communicating closely through the whole process, we are certain we can come up with a satisfying solution which caters to your needs/wishes.

Modtagelse og opbevaring

Receiving and handling of returned goods take place on an regularly scheduled basis.
The storage facility is heated and secure, in close quarters with our offices.
Smaller packages are stored off the ground, in secure shelving. Bigger parcels are stored directly on pallets. We have access to flexible facilities which allows us to make custom arrangements for your needs.


Perishables, goods which pose a potential danger (direct or indirectly) and highly valuable goods will not be accepted.

A positive experience for everyone

We are very aware of how important customer service is. When we handle your returned goods our focus is on creating an excellent experience for both you and your customers, which entails both swift and secure handling. We want long lasting working relationships, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure happy and content customers.

Related services

Scanvisio is an experienced market-advisor and your representative in Norway. Our focus is on services which are necessary for international businesses to operate in the Norwegian market.
Outside of customer return handling we also offer e.g.:

  • Virtual office
  • Norwegian business address and c/o address
  • Postal mail handling/-scanning
  • Registration and updating recipient lists

How we currently assist some of our customers…

Case 1: Webshop

Each month a Danish webshop dispatch about 4000 packages to Norway, and out of these 1-2% are returned. We receive, open, photograph and send the photographs to our client, which then processes the return request from the customer. We then repackage the parcel, store it and send it back in bulk to our client.

Case 2: Media distribution

Every year a Danish media company distributes thousands of magazines in Norway, and a considerable amount is returned. We provide a service of registering and updating the recipient list. Further, we make sure the magazines are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, which gives new life to the paper.